Welcome to Unity, a clique where you obtain one of the Spiritual Stones or Six Medallions to represent your tribe if you were to insert yourself into Hyrule. This clique is owned by Megan and is part of Sutarodo.

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Legendary Project Clique Amassment

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Six Medallions are awarded to Link, the hero, when he successfully awakens the sage in his or her respective temple, typically by defeating the boss that inflicts a curse upon it. They represent the race of the sage, the six main races, and a corresponding element. The three Spiritual Stones are granted to Link when he releases those afflicted by Ganondorf's curses. They are the keys to unlocking the Door of Time. Again, these represent three of the races in Hyrule but also their related elements.

The races of Hyrule and the elements are very closely related to one another. As a member of that tribe, you also accept that element into your life. Even though the Spiritual Stones and Six Medallions are similar in meaning, I have included both since they are the story's collectible items in the game. Plus, I love them both! These races represented by the Stones and Medallions are united as one kingdom of Hyrule.